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Been MIA…

To pickup where we left off:
I got a call from Gannett and I did a phone interview on Friday. Two Fridays ago, actually.
HR called me for a face to face interview the following Tuesday in Greenville South Carolina. I was hired to work at the Greenville News that Friday. In digital advertising department. Last Saturday I stumbled to Greenville to look at apartments and here it is Wednesday night In my new place in South Carolina. New job, new town, new life.

Everyone thought I was crazy to leave a job without another lined up. I even got calls from friends to see if I was ok or depressed. (Which I appreciate, because my friends are awesome and just checking in.) The fact of the matter is: I took a chance because I believe in myself. There were a few days in there where I wasn’t so sure, but for the most part, I knew I made a good decision. So, I’m back in the South, working for the company I wanted, with my old Publisher, making more money, near the people I love. I can now afford to go to Costa Rica for bachelor week and I get to take my friend shopping for her wedding dress whenever because ATL is close by. Winning!

I’ve also been invited to write for a popular blog. So stay tuned for more info soon. I’ll be writing The Single Girls Guide.